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Tabloid Time
Nicola talks about newspapers
in England
Her worries
about blood!

Nicola talks about blood
Real Emergency
Nicola talks about a bad accident
Great trip,
Great country

Nicola talks about Turkey
Boxing Day
Nicola talks about
a unique British day
What would be the
perfect day?

Nicola talks about it!

Nicola talks about her twin
A loyal fan!
Lois talks about her
favorite football team
Working Girl
Lois talks about the
first job she ever had
Time to teach!
Lois talks about her future teaching hopes
Fruit Favorites
Lois and Todd discuss
and eat fruit
David Beckham
Lois talks about her heartthrob
Childhood memories
Lois talks about the earliest
things she can remember
First Impressions
Sarah talks about life in Japan
Life in England
Sarah talks about her home
Sarah talks about football

"What is Tirol?"
Sarah talks about Austria

Fit for Royalty
Ian talks about winning
a special award
Going to Hospital
Ian talks about his many trips to the hospital
My Dog!
Richard talks about dogs

Lucky Again!
Last year Richard talked
about his dog Lucky. He gives us the latest on his dog.
Beach Bum!
Richard talks about the beach 

Busy Man
Richard talks about why he is busy at night  

I like to paint!
Richard talks about art  
Going home: Take 1
Doris talks about
leaving Japan

Going home: Take 2

Doris does the interview
a second time
Teen Love!
Kate talks about
her first boyfriend
Off to see
her friends

Kate talks about a long trip
she has planned
Time to exercise
Kate talks about going to
the gym

Musical tastes
Kate talks about the
music she likes.
Family Roots
Kate talks about her heritage
Elephants and
other wildlife

Rob talks about his bizarre encounter with elephants in India
"It was a run
down area!"

Kerys talks about
high school
World Resident
Kerys talks about where she is from and other
places she likes
What comes to mind?
Kerys is asked about opposites! 
What can you do?
Kerys talks about her abilities
Plans for the

What will she do this weekend?
Virtual Fun
Eli talks about computer
and video games
Special someone
Eli talks about her boyfriend
Eli talks about England
Speaking Japanese
Eli talks about studying
Eli talks about graphic

I wanted to cry!
Charlotte talks about her
first teaching experience
with five year old children

Her Time in Poland
Charlotte talks about
living in Poland
England and Japan
Clare compares these
two countries
Night out on
the town

Clare talks about what she
does before she goes out 
The Big Red Buses
in England

Steven talks about the
double decker buses
in England.
I love the mountains
Steven talks about
climbing Mt. Fuji 

Happy Times!
Steven talks about home.
Tokyo life!
Tara talks about Tokyo

What will she learnt to do?
Hometown girl
Tara talks about her town
True Love!
What doe she love?

"I want to
teach people"

Tara talks about her future
Life in England
Cat talks about her
country and her city
What can she do?
Cat talks about her abilities

What is big?
What is Small?

Cat asked about some
High School
Cat talks about school in England
 What is red, blue, ....gray?
Clare talks about colors
What is blue to you?
 "It's a big house!"
Clare describes her house
back in England
What to do in England
Jason gives some travel tips

Check it out!
Jason talks about his art
The many accents
of England

Jason talks about his
It hurts just a little
Jason talks about body art
Thoughts about home!
Matt talks about
his home area
 Diving in the Big Blue Sea
Matt talks about his love of diving
in the sea
 Sushi, Sushi, Sushi!
Matt talks about why
he eats a lot of sushi