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High Beginner Page
Country Boy!
Jeff compares the city
and the country
Dream Job!
Jessica talks
about her future
 Let's talk
about colors!

Norm talks about colors.
Nicola talks about her twin
Steve talks about his
favorite food
 What is red,
blue, gray?

Clare talks about colors
What is blue to you?
Kanade talks about how
she feels about her sister
What is your favorite kind of music?
Kate talks about what
she likes to listen to
My City!
Simon talks about why his city is so cool!
Josh talks about fishing and why he can not eat fish
Animal Kingdom
Diana talks about a place
with lots of animals
Life Down Under
Nicola talks about why
Australia is cool but
different from Japan
Aaron talks about
sports he plays
Her Hobbies
Leslie tells Simone
what she likes to do
Life in Australia
Sophie talks about her
country, her city
and her plans.
Canada's Got Game
Steve talks about hockey,
Canada's national sport

What is big?
What is Small?

Cat is asked about things
big, small, cheap,
and expensive.

Can you sing
and dance?

Norm talks about what
he likes to do and what
he does not like to do

The good in people
Jeff talks about the
peace and religion

 "It's a big house!"
Clare describes her house back in England