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High Intermediate Page: These listenings are a little longer and more difficult. Please contact me if you think these are too difficult or easy.
Real Emergency
Nicola talks about a bad accident
One Bad Class
Norman talks about one class that was tough to
Two is Company!
Keri talks about her
living situation
Big Apple Baby!
Kevin talks about his
early years in NY
Life is Spain
Jessica talks about her time abroad
"It's a shame!"
What bothers Hisa about Japan?
I love the mountains
Steven talks about
climbing Mt. Fuji
Nut House!
Marion talks about
working on a farm
Better than California!
Tim talks about why
his state is so great

David talks about the
kinds of movies he likes

Movie Complaint
Todd talks about what he
does not like about
Hollywood movies

Train Trip
Across Russia

Devon tells of his long
journey to China

It hurts just a little
Jason talks about body art

Fishing Under Water....with a Spear!
Learn about spear fishing!

Winter wonderland!
Christian talks about skiing
Great trip,
Great country

Nicola talks about Turkey
Keeping in Shape
Yoko talk about keeping slim
Asia Tour
Phil about Indonesia
I like to use my hands
What will she learnt to do?

JJ talks about the people
she lives with