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Low Intermediate Page: These listenings are a little longer and more difficult. Please contact me if you think these are too difficult or easy.
Fit for Royalty
Ian talks about winning
a special award
Back in France
Raphael talk about
his local area in France
It's your right to vote!
 Aaron and Todd talk
about voting in their
Lost in the woods
Normans talks about an
unfortunate hiking trip
"The French Ruled!"
Steve talks a bit about
Canadian history
Cat or dogs?
Listen to him talk about his pet.
"It is a violent sport"
Kevin talks about his
love of rugby

You like cleaning?
Adrienne talks about
cleaning up at home

Wedding Day !
Anna talks about her wedding

Wedding Day!
John talks about
getting married

India: Part 1
Jeff shares his thoughts
about his trip to India
India: Part 2
Jeff shares his thoughts on India

Fun in the sun!
Alexandra talks about
her city, Miami

 Home and Family!
Conrad talks about
his roots.

Big Future!
Christian talks about his dream job!
"You can cook
Cuban food!"

Alexandra gives and
easy Cuban recipe
Snake in the House!
Leath talks about Africa
A horse is a horse
of course, of course!

Daniela talks about horses
The Wonder of Wales
Kevin talks about Wales.
Cold Secret!
Marion is not feeling well. What does she drink?