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October 1st October 9th
October 17th
October 24th
Lights, action,

Jeff talks about
making his movie
"It's chewy"
Aaron talks about some
surprising animals that
Australians eat
New Zealand!
Leonard talks about
his home country
Aussie Rules!
Aaron talks about the
Australian government
  October 2nd   October 10th   October 18th   October 25th
Fit for Royalty
Ian talks about winning
a special award
Scary Creature
Gloria talks about a surprise
visitor in Thailand
Kanade talks about
how she feels
about her sister
The good in people
Jeff talks about the
peace and religion
  October 3rd   October 11th   October 19th   October 26th
Elephants and
other wildlife

Ian talks about his bizarre encounter with elephants in India
Wiped Out!
Ivan talks about a
hurricane he remembers
Country Boy!
Jeff compares the city
and the country
Growing up rough
Mark talks about his
home area
  October 4th   October 12th   October 20th   October 27th
Australian Landscape
Aaron describes the geography
of his country
Australian Wildlife
Aaron talks about the some
creatures scary to all
Housing trouble!
Ivan talks about his new
living situation
Growing up in Auz!
Aaron talks about life
as a kid in Australia
  October 5th   October 13th   October 21st   October 28th
Going home: Take 1
Doris talks about
leaving Japan
Boxing Day
Mark talks about the
day after Christmas
New Zealand!
Leonard talks about his
home country
Talking about Texas
Ivan talks a little about
Texas, Japan, and Mexico
  October 6th   October 14th   October 22nd   October 29th
Going to Hospital
Iam talks about his many trips to the hospital
Going home: Take 2
Doris talks about leaving Japan again but slightly differently
 Home Sweet Home
Nic talks about the rooms
in her house and the things
inside it.
Deep in the
heart of Texas

Gloria talks a little bit about
her home state of Texas
  October 7th   October 15th   October 23rd   October 30th
India: Part 1
Jeff shares his thoughts
about his trip to India
India: Part 2
Jeff shares his thoughts on India
Gloria talks about her pets,
past and present

What is a Kiwi?
Do you know what a Kiwi is?
Find out from Leo

  October 8th   October 16th     October 31st
Mark talks about some
of the locals in his area
Destination Thailand
Gloria talk about her current summer plans

Adrienne and Mike talk about
halloween monsters!

Trick or Treat!
Adrienne and Mike talk about
the tradition of trick or treating