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  February 1st   February 8th   February 15th   February 22nd
"It was a run
down area!"

Kerys talks abou high school

Take a Road Trip
Tim talks about his love for hitting the road

Great Place to Visit!
Jeff talks about his unique and very interesting web site.

David talks about the kinds of movies he likes

  February 2nd   February 9th   February 16th   February 23rd

Fishing Under Water....with a Spear! Learn about spear fishing!

England and Japan
Clare compares these two countries
Where's the Beef?
Theo has a problem with his beef bowl
Where do you live?
Daisuke lives in a guesthouse. He talks about it.
  February 3rd   February 10th   February 17th   February 24th
Running Man!
Tim talks about running
Plans for the

What will she do this weekend?
Tough Guy!
Nobu talks about his passion for martial arts
Life in England
Cat talks about her country and her city
  February 5th   February 12th   February 18th   February 25th
Not doing well!
Conrad is sick. Find ou t what is wrong.
Do you love nature?
Kevin talks about his love of things green
The Art of Writing
Jeff talks a little about writing
Dream Job!
Jessica talks about her future
  February 6th   February 13th   February 19th   February 26th
Camera Man
Hear a little about photography
Is World Trade
good or bad?

Jamie thinks about the good and bad of free trade.
World Traveler
David has been everywhere
World Resident
Kerys talks about where she is from and other places she likes
  February 7th   February 14th   February 20th   February 27th
Night out on
the town

Clare talks about what she does before she goes out
Theo talks a little about his passion
Do you like fish?
Daisuke talks about his job at the famous fish market in Tokyo.
Meet me at the Dojo!
Listen for directions
  February 7th   February 14th   February 21st   February 28th

"Oh, Canada!"
Jamie fills us in about his roots

Kanade talks about how she feels about her sister