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  March 1st   March 9th   March 17th   March 24th
A Waste of Time!
Marika talks about a bad habit
Tokyo life!
Tara talks about Tokyo

What is the weather
like today?

James talks about
weather and the season.

Jeanna talks about automobiles

  March 2nd   March 10th   March 18th   March 25th
Hometown girl
Tara talks about her town
Are you hungry?
Kentaro talks about breakfast
Working Overseas
Yoko talks about her job
in America
What would you do
with a $1,000,000?

James says what he would do.
  March 3rd   March 11th   March 19th   March 26th
Our Man in Japan
Kentaro talks about his country
Yes, I can!
Ramon talks about his abilities
Good Food!
Marika talk about some
of the food she likes
Planes, Trains, or

More about transportation
  March 4th   March 12th   March 20th   March 27th
Like the Earth!
Ramon talks about opposites
and adjectives
Good Recipe!
Marika teaches baking

Do you like music?
James does! Listen to what
he says about music.

Some like it hot,
some like it cold!

Marika talks about her
preferred weather
  March 5th   March 13th   March 21st   March 28th
Keeping in Shape
Yoko talk about keeping slim
Are you

Chris talks about sports
and luck
True Love!
What doe she love?
I like to use my hands
What will she learnt to do?
  March 6th   March 14th   March 22nd   March 29th
Jeanna talks about technology

"I want to
teach people"

Tara talks about her future
Summer time!
Josh talks about his summer
A fun time to be
in Japan

Yoko talks about Japanese culture
  March 7th   March 15th   March 23rd   March 30th
Cat or dogs?
Listen to him talk about his pet.
What fruit is yellow
and green?

Kentaro talks about a
famous fruit
Yoko talks about her commute
School life!
Jeanna talks about what
she likes about school
  March 8th   March 16th       March 31st
Best City In Canada!
Marika talks about her
preferred municipality
Not the same!
Ramon and Todd compare countries
A really good day?
James talks about one
day that was special.