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  April 1st   April 9th   April 17th   April 24th
One cool papa!
Keri talks about her dad
Ask the expert
Sandra talks about
entertaining guests
Why Japan?
Shane talks about his decision to move to Tokyo
Not great yet,
but someday!

Diana talks about
her hobby
  April 2nd   April 10th   April 18th   April 25th
Hometown roots
Shane talks about his hometown in Ireland
A horse is a horse
of course, of course!

Daniela talks about horses
Are you hungry?
Hisa talks about Japanese food
Playing sports
in Kenya

Alex talks about
his favorite sport
  April 3rd   April 11th   April 19th   April 26th
"It's a shame!"
What bothers Hisa about Japan?
A cool place to live
Diana talks about her city
It's typical
Nicola talks about one of
the rooms in her house
Money, money,

What would you do
with million of dollars?
  April 4th   April 12th   April 20th   April 27th
"A new adventure
on every trip"

Howard talks about his
love of the road
The land of light
Keith talks about
life overseas
The best and worst
things about home

Marika talks about her
hometown in Canada
What do you read?
Keri talks about reading
  April 5th   April 13th   April 21st   April 28th
Animal Kingdom
Diana talks about a place
with lots of animals
So happy!
Masako has great news about her family
Cold Secret!
Marion is not feeling well. What does she drink?
  April 6th   April 14th   April 22nd   April 29th
Yeah for summer!
Keri talks about summer
Sounds good to eat!
Diana talks about her
hometown food
That's how you do it!
Roe talks about his
very first job!
Total Jock!
Joel is a bit like this guy
  April 7th   April 15th   April 23rd   April 30th
What would you
ask this man?

Keith asks a few questions
The Media
Keri talks about keeping
in touch with the world
Keith talks about a big change in his life
The Wonder of Wales
Kevin talks about Wales.
  April 8th   April 16th       April 31st
Do you feel lucky?
Andrew talks about numbers
and luck.
What are your
favorite things?

Keith talks about things he likes
Diana talks about some
common adjectives