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May 1st May 9th
May 17th
May 24th
Rocket Girl!
Ebony considers space travel!
Asia Tour: Part 1
Phil talks about Laos
What to do in England
Jason gives some travel tips
"The beach is great!"
Trevor talks about the beach
  May 2nd   May 10th   May 18th   May 25th
 Diving in the Big Blue Sea
Matt talks about his love
of diving in the sea
Are you into art?
Trevor talks about art!
My City!
Simon talks about why his
city is so cool!
The wave of
the future!

Ebony talks about Anime!
  May 3rd   May 11th   May 19th   May 26th
"Dogs are a man's best friend"
Trevor talks about dogs
 Life Down Under
Nicola talks about why
Australia is cool but
different from Japan
I love the mountains
Steven talks about
climbing Mt. Fuji
The Wonder of Wales
Kevin talks about Wales.
  May 4th   May 12th   May 20th   May 27th
Culture Shock!
Roe talks about living in America
Asia Tour: Part 2
Phil talks about Malaysia
He rips!
Roe talks about cool surfers
and really big waves
Asia Tour: Part 6
Phil gives Todd some advice
  May 5th   May 13th   May 21st   May 28th
The many accents
of England

Jason talks about his accent
Asia Tour: Part 4
Phil talks about China
 Home Sweet Home
Nic talks about the rooms
in her house and the
things inside it.
  May 6th   May 14th   May 22nd   May 29th
Check it out!
Jason talks about his art
Roe and his
radical hobby

Roe talks about his love for adventure
Asia Tour: Part 5
Phil talks about a cool national park
Nighty, night!
Trevor talks about what
he does in the evening
  May 7th   May 15th   May 23rd   May 30th
Say Cheese!
Trevor talks about cameras
and photos
Asia Tour: Part 3
Phil about Indonesia
It hurts just a little
Jason talks about body art
Beach Bum!
Richard talks about the beach
  May 8th   May 16th     May 31st

 Sushi, Sushi, Sushi!
Matt talks about why
he eats a lot of sushi

For the love of soccer
Simon talks about his
love of soccer

 Home and Family!
Conrad talks about
his roots.