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  June 1st   June 9th   June 17th   June 24th

Fun in the sun!
Alexandra talks about her city, Miami
"Why do we
need lawyers?"

Alexandra talks about lawyers

 "It's a big house!"
Clare describes her house back in England

Thoughts about home!
Matt talks about
his home area
  June 2nd   June 10th   June 18th   June 25th

Handy Man
Rob talks about building houses for a living
Life in Australia
Sophie talks about her country, her city
and her plans
Land of Languages
Ramon talks a bit
about his country
What are you
afraid of?

Nanju talks about
some common fears
  June 3rd   June 11th   June 19th   June 26th
"I love that country"
Kentaro talks about
taking a vacation
What is your
favorite fruit?

Selvam talks about
things he likes
Norway weather
Christian talks about one of the seasons
"You can cook
Cuban food!"

Alexandra gives and
easy Cuban recipe
  June 4th   June 12th   June 20th   June 27th
It's in mail!
Laura talks about the post office
Big Future!
Christian talks about his dream job!
My childhood
Mark talks briefly about t
growing up in Canada
Fruit anyone?
Nanju talks about
things he likes
  June 5th   June 13th   June 21st   June 28th
Mr. Viking
Christian talks about Norway and his home
How to expand
your mind!

Mark talks about a
passion he has!
The great game
of India!

Selvam talks about cricket
What's up with those
amazing Norwegians

Christian talks about
learning English in Norway
  June 6th   June 14th   June 22nd   June 29th
Meet Nanju
Nanju talks about career and country
Better or worse!
Alexandra talks about how her city has changed

Let's talk business
Alexandra explains her job
"Every word!"
Alexandra talks about her
reading load
  June 7th   June 15th   June 23rd   June 30th
What is strong?
What is weak?

Matt gives some
surprising answers
"Everything had

Alexandra talks about a
bad hurricane in Miami
Winter wonderland!
Christian talks about skiing

"Can you surf?"
Sophie talks about
what she can do

  June 8th   June 16th        
Exchange student memories
Christian talks about studying abroad
Big, Big, City!
Laura talks about
Hong Kong