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July 1st July 9th
July 17th
July 24th
Tabloid Time
Nicola talks about newspapers
in England
Marion tells of a ghost story from Ireland
 Home Sweet Home
Nic talks about the rooms
in her house and the
things inside it.
Josh talks about fishing and
why he can not eat fish
  July 2nd   July 10th   July 18th   July 25th
Girl Scout Camp
Anna talks about summer
camp as a child
Her recipe!
Jessica shares how
she makes spaghetti

Can you sing
and dance?

Norm talks about what
he likes to do and what
he does not like to do

Her worries
about blood!

Nicola talks about blood
  July 3rd   July 11th   July 19th   July 26th
Good Memories!
Marion talks about
her grandfather
Real Emergency
Nicola talks about a bad accident
Creepy, Crawly

Marion talks about
a spider she saw!

Todd talks about
his hiking trip
  July 4th   July 12th   July 20th   July 27th
Museum Trip
Jessica talks about a date she had at a museum in Spain
Gift of Love!
Anna talks about a strange Valentine's Gift
Great trip,
Great country

Nicola talks about Turkey
 Life Down Under
Nicola talks about why
Australia is cool but
different from Japan
  July 5th   July 13th   July 21st   July 28th
World Traveller
Nicoletta talks about traveling
What would be the
perfect day?

Nicola talks about it!
Have you ever
lost something?

Todd did! What did he lose?
Boxing Day
Nicola talks about
a unique British day
  July 6th   July 14th   July 22nd   July 29th
Nicola talks about her twin
Choo-choo train!
Todd talks about his daily commute

Spain and Japan
Jessica compares the two
countries she has lived in

 Let's talk
about colors!

Norm talks about colors.
  July 7th   July 15th   July 23rd   July 30th
Taco Time!
Anna talks about mexican food
Life is Spain
Jessica talks about her time abroad
My kind of town,

Anna talks about her city
Best time of year!
Todd talks about his favorite season
  July 8th   July 16th     July 31st

Running with bats!
Todds talks about the animals
he sees every night

Wedding Day !
Anna talks about her wedding
Nut House!
Marion talks about
working on a farm