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August 1st August 9th
August 17th
August 24th
Daily Diet of a
College Man

Alex talks about the
foods he eats in college
Teen Love!
Kate talks about
her first boyfriend
What's in
your fridge?

John talks about
food and cooking

Wanna play rugby?
Leo talks about his nation's
most popular sport

  August 2nd   August 10th   August 18th   August 25th
Japanese Baths
Steve talks about getting
wet at an onsen
Happy Anniversary!
Ashley talks about
a special day

Study in Canada
Steven talks about getting
into a Canadian University

Going on a Band Trip
Alex talks about a trip he
took in school with his
marching band
  August 3rd   August 11th   August 19th   August 26th

Wedding Day!
John talks about
getting married

"Learnt a lot!"
Sophie talks about high school
The games
people play

Alex talks about college life
Shawn talks about his hometown
  August 4th   August 12th   August 20th   August 27th
African Safari
Ashley talks about African
Off to see
her friends

Kate talks about a long trip
she has planned

 Sushi, Sushi, Sushi!
Matt talks about why
he eats a lot of sushi

  August 5th   August 13th   August 21st   August 28th
Shawn talk about his
favorite things
A fun place to be
Alex talks about his
hometown of Pittsburg
Writing class
John talks about a unique
way of doing writing class
Canada's Got Game
Steve talks about hockey,
Canada's national sport
  August 6th   August 14th   August 22nd   August 29th
Steve talks about his
favorite food
Time to exercise
Kate talks about going to
the gym
What a scare!
Ashley talks about a
horseback riding trip
Family Roots
Kate talks about her heritage
  August 7th   August 15th   August 23rd   August 30th
Working in the
music industry

Alex talks about a cool job
he has
The Frog!
John talks about a pet he had
What is your favorite kind of music?
Kate talks about what
she likes to listen to
Canadian Politics
Steven describes the basics
of his country's government
  August 8th   August 16th     August 31st
College life
Shawn talks about his
"It changed my life"
Shawn talk about his favorite sport
What I can cook!
John talks about cooking