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September 1st September 9th
September 17th
September 24th
Sushi for dinner
Jessica talks about eating sushi
A loyal fan!
Lois talks about her
favorite football team
One Bad Class
Norman talks about one class
that was tough to teach
The Olympics
Travis shares his thoughts on
sports, TV, and the olympics
  September 2nd   September 10th   September 18th   September 25th

Football Fever!
Lois talks about the thrill and
heartache of Euro 2004

First Impressions
Sarah talks about life in Japan
New York
Marion and Mauve
talk about New York
The French Teacher
Norman talks about
teaching in Germany
  September 3rd   September 11th   September 19th   September 26th
Life in England
Sarah talks about her home
Lost in the woods
Normans talks about an
unfortunate hiking trip
Working Girl
Lois talks about the
first job she ever had
Marion and Mauve talk about
the biggest city in Ireland
  September 4th   September 12th   September 20th   September 27th
Favorite Movie
Travis talks about a film
he really loves

"Cool Outfit!"
Jessica discusses her clothes

Life in Mexico
Adrienne talks about her fond memories of her Mexican journey
Time to teach!
Lois talks about her future teaching hopes
  September 5th   September 13th   September 21st   September 28th
One Proud Papa!
Norman talks about his children
Fruit Favorites
Lois and Todd discuss
and eat fruit
Travel Tips
Jessica gives Todd advice about where to go in Spain
Marion and Mauve talk abou
t the biggest city in Ireland
  September 6th   September 14th   September 22nd   September 29th
Job Interview
Travis talks about interviewing
for the job he wants

Sarah talks about football

"What is Tirol?"
Sarah talks about Austria
Family Roots
Kate talks about her heritage
  September 7th   September 15th   September 23rd   September 30th
Italian Restaurant
Adrienne and Todd talk about their dinner
David Beckham
Lois talks about her heartthrob

"Hey, I love
your scarf!"

Anili talks a little about where
it is warm and where it is hot.

Heading South
Jessica talks about a trip
planned for Argentina
  September 8th   September 16th     September 31st
What sign are you?
Jessica and Todd talk a little
about their birth dates
Distant Wedding
Travis talks about attending
a family wedding

Childhood memories
Lois talks about the earliest
things she can remember