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1st Nov 9th
Virtual Fun
Eli talks about computer
and video games
Best Movie
Mike and Simon talk about trilogies they love
Aaron talks about
local folklore
Back in France
Raphael talk about
his local area in France
 Nov 2nd  Nov 10th
18th  Nov 25th

Aaron talks about
life in his city

Paris Life
Raphael talks about
France's most popular city

Sunday, Sunday!
Adrienne talks about
her Sundays.

Music Men
Mike and Simon share
their thoughts about music
Nov  3rd  Nov 11th
19th  Nov 26th

Island Worries!
Todd and Christine talk
global warming.

Special someone
Eli talks about her boyfriend

Lucky Again!
Last year Richard talked
about his dog Lucky. He gives us the latest on his dog.

Japan Times
Hitoshi talks about
his hometown and
his country
 Nov 4th  Nov 12th
20th  Nov 27th
Jose talks about
his country

The sound of Music!
Adrienne talks about
playing the violin

Travel Talk
Mike and Simone compare the
places they have been in the
world and Japan
Eli talks about England
 Nov 5th  Nov 13th
21st  Nov 28th
 Day off!
Raphael talks about
what he does on Sunday
Raphael talks about dinner
The City of Quito
Jose talks about
his city and home

You like cleaning?
Adrienne talks about
cleaning up at home

 Nov 6th   Nov 14th
22nd  Nov 29th
It's your right to vote!
 Aaron and Todd talk about
voting in their countries
Aaron talks about
sports he plays
Speaking Japanese
Eli talks about studying

Ecuadorian Food
Jose talks about what people
like to eat in his country

 Nov 7th    Nov 15th
23rd Nov  30th
Jose talks about a trip
to these islands and seeing
a world leader.

Breakfast Anyone
Heidi talks about breakfast

Raphael talks about
what he specializes in
Home girl
Heidi talks about where
she is from and her life.
 Nov 8th   Nov 16th        
Eli talks about graphic