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1st Dec 9th
Last night
Eli talks about hanging
out with her friend
Her City
Gebrielle talks about life
in Christchurch.
What is an O. T.?
Nic asks Cat about her job.
Her Hobbies
Leslie tells Simone
what she likes to do
Dec 2nd Dec 10th
18th Dec 26th
Learning English
Kawabe shares how he
became such a good
speaker of English.
Her Granddad's dog
Marion talks about one
very good dog.
Manga Land
Kawabe explains manga!
Cats and dogs!
Marion talks about her
Dec  3rd Dec 11th
19th Dec 27th
American Myths
Todd talks about three special people children believe in in the United States.
A relaxing Sunday
Eli talks about hanging
out on her day off
Summer Garden
Gebrielle talks the food she
grows and how she cooks it.
Her first dog
Marion talks about the
first pet she had.
Dec 4th Dec 12th
20th Dec 28th
Best Movie
Eli talks about her favorite
movie of all time
Cuba and Japan
Ben compares capitalism
and communism
What's for lunch?
Nic asks Cat about food.
Job on wheels
Kawabe talks about being a motorcycle delivery boy.
Dec 5th Dec 13th
21st Dec 29th
The Wonder
of Wales

Kevin talks about Wales.
First Job
Marion asks her friend, Steve,
about the first job he ever had.
My Wish
Todd talks about the one thing
he wishes he could do: Sing!
Big Game!
Matt tells Simone
about his latest
football match.
Dec 6th  Dec 14th
22nd Dec 30th
Job Interview
Kawabe talks about trying
to get a job.
School life
Eli talks about
boarding school
"It is a violent sport"
Kevin talks about his
love of rugby
Marion shares a few tales
about mushrooms.
Dec 7th   Dec 15th
Life in Japan
Eli talks about the difference
bewteen Japan and England
Movie Complaint
Todd talks about what he does not like about Hollywood movies
Japanese Learners
Ben talks about how the
Japanese are unique
Dec 8th   Dec 16th

3 Very Different
Christmas Memories

Listen to three people
share memories of Christmas