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Diving in the Big
Blue Sea

Matt talks about his love
of diving in the sea

Fishing Under Water....with a Spear!
Learn about spear fishing!

Diving Scare!
Nicola talks about how
diving can be scary


Wanna play rugby?
Leo talks about his
nation's most popular sport

"It is a violent sport"
Kevin talks about his
love of rugby
"It changed my life"
Shawn talk about his favorite sport
Wedding Day !
Anna talks about her wedding

Wedding Day!
John talks about
getting married

Distant Wedding
Travis talks about attending
a family wedding
Favorite Movies
Best Movie
Mike and Simon talk about
trilogies they love
"It's a fantastic

Jamie talks about his
favorite movie
Favorite Movie
Travis talks about a film
he really loves
Mom and Dad
She talks about how her parents are quite different
One cool papa!
Keri talks about her dad
Family Roots
Kate talks about her heritage