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Sandwich Game
Todd talks about making
a sandwich. Listen and chose
the correct ingredient.
Big Favor!
You have a phone call. Take the
call and answer correctly. Your
friend is depending on you.

Listen to these other holidays
and match the audio with the

Daily Diet
You hear hear about a daily diet
and you need to click on the right

Name that flag!
Learn the flags of 18 different
countries and try to guess the
one that's described.

Which woman is it?
Listen to three situations about
three different women. What are
they feeling and why?

Which man is it?
You will hear how four men are
feeling. Get your guy!

Hair Description
Listen to six descriptions of a
person's hair. You need to
click on the correct picture.

Fastest way to the station
You need to get to the
station. Listen to four ways
you can get there. This also
is a listening game.

Direction Game
You need to find your
friend's house. Listen to
the instructions and see if
you can find it.

Adventure Island
You will hear the rules to an
adventure game. Listen and see
if you would like to try.
Which ball is it?
You will hear about six different
kinds of balls. You need to listen
and click on the correct one.
Vacation Resort
Listen to audio about the
Super Relaxing Resort. You
need to listen and click
on the matching photo.

Part-time Job
Listen to some information
about new jobs at a job
center. What job would
you want?

Fruit Game
Listen as Todd decribes
some fruit. Click on the
fruit you hear. You can
read the transcript at the
Listen to these descriptions
about materials for clothes
that we wear.
Preposition game
Listen and click on the correct
picture of this guy. He needs
some help!
Make a face!
Todd is going to paint a
picture of a face. Listen and
try to draw the same face.

Travel Game
Plan a trip across the
United States. Listen to
four choices and make the
best one for you.


Note: The Flash Activities are now separate. This means each download should be faster for people without
high speed connections. All files now should be between 500 and 700 KB.