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Besides the violin, what else can she do well?
a) Cook
b) Dance
c) Sing
How did she learn to play?
a) She had private lessons
b) She went to group lessons
c) She did both
When did she begin to play?
a) 2 years old
b) 3 years old
c) 4 years old
Does she play the violin in Japan?
a) Yes, all the time
b) No that often
c) Never! No violin
What does she compare her family to?
a) A TV show
b) A group
c) A movie
Todd: OK, Adrienne, let's talk about abilities. What are you good at?
Adrienne: Um, I don't know.
Todd: You don't know?
Adrienne: I really don't know!
Todd: Well, I was looking at your photos, and you can play the violin.
Adrienne: That's true!
Todd: And you can sing very well.
Adrienne: Ah, I can sing some.
Todd: OK, so, tell us about playing the violin.
Adrienne: I really enjoy playing the violin. I've been playing for many, many years since I was a little girl and everyone in my family plays an instrument so it's part of what we do together as a family.
Todd: So when you were little you practiced every day?
Adrienne: I did. My mom made me. I didn't have a choice. It's good for discipline though, or at least that's what she told me.
Todd: So, how would you practice? Did you have a tutor come over to your house?
Adrienne: No, I had a violin teacher once a week and when I was really small I went to group lessons also, so it was once a week with a private and once a week with a group.
Todd: Wow! That's a lot. What did you think about the violin when you were little?
Adrienne: I don't remember thinking about it. I don't even remember learning how to play. I was only two so (so young) I know. I was still in diapers, but my mom said that when I had my first recital that I really wanted to play in the recital and she said I absolutely could not play on stage in a diaper so that's basically how she got me out of my diapers. So she says!
Todd: When did you stop playing?
Adrienne: I haven't stopped.
Todd: Oh, you still practice.
Adrienne: I still play although I don't have my violin here in Japan, right now. I'm kind of on a break I guess. I just don't like to carry it around overseas.
Todd: Is it hard to be away from your violin?
Adrienne: It is sometimes. I miss it. I miss playing with my family too, cause we're kind of like the Van Trap family, which you know from the movie The Sound of Music.
Todd: No, no, I don't. I've never seen the movie.
Adrienne: Oh, you haven't? The Sound of Music is about a family in, I think it's Austria and they all play an instrument or sing and it's a World War II movie and that's how they escape the Nazis, from singing or something. It's kind of like that, except for without the war.
Todd: Well, I have to see the movie so!
Adrienne: Yeah, you should.
Todd: So are you going to play the violin for me sometime?
Adrienne: Sure! If you can find a violin I will.
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