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How big is Melbourne compared to other
cities in Australia?

a) It's the biggest
b) It's the second biggest
c) It's the third biggest
How many people live in Melbourne?
a) 4 million
b) 5 million
c) 6 million
How much would a typical house cost?
a) 100,000 dollars
b) 200,000 dollars
c) 250,000 dollars
How is public transportation?
a) Very good
b) Just OK
c) Terrible
Is it a safe city?
a) It is safe
b) In some areas
c) No, not at all
Todd: Now, Aaron, you're from Melbourne. (That's right.) What's melbourne like?
Aaron: Melbourne's the second biggest city in Australia but there's a big city area with big buildings, then there's a lot of houses and then it runs into the countryside, where it's just hills and mountains and a lot of greenery basically. The city is center is busy but it's not very busy. It's not as busy as Tokyo or New York. It's just a busy city but then it just slows down as you move away from the city
Todd: Is it easy to find housing?
Aaron: It's very easy to find housing. There's a lot of hotels, accommodation, and a lot of places to rent. You can buy houses quite cheaply in Melbourne as well and there's only about 5 million people there so it's not crowded as well.
Todd: How much would a house cost? A decent house?
Aaron: A decent house in Australia, or in Melbourne, would cost about 250,000 Australian dollars, which I guess compared to Japanese prices, isn't so bad, and that would be a big 4 bedroom house, maybe two stories.
Todd: Wow! Front yard and backyard?
Aaron: Front yard, back yard, driveway, garage, 4 bedrooms.
Todd: What's the transportation like in the city?
Aaron: The transportation is very good, but it's very slow. You have to wait twenty minutes for trains. They only run every twenty minutes, but the buses and the trams will take you to wherever you want to go, but the trains are very centralized, so they
all run into the city, through four major train stops, and then they run back out to the suburbs on a big loop so they never crossover each other and you have to catch buses if you want to go away from the city.
Todd: Is it a safe city?
Aaron: It is a safe city but like any place it has it's troubles but you don't have to worry about living in Melbourne.

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