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How often did he play cricket and Australian football?
a) Once a month
b) Every day
c) Every weekend
What did he play in winter?
a) Cricket
b) Australian football
c) Both
What did he play in summer?
a) Cricket
b) Australian football
c) Both
How much does it cost to play golf?
a) 5 dollars
b) 10 dollars
c) 15 dollars
What sport has he stopped playing?
a) Golf
b) Cricket
c) Tennis
Todd: OK, Aaron can you talk a little about sports in Australia?
Aaron: No worries. In Australia, when I was a child, I used to play cricket and Australian football every weekend. In the winter,
I played Australian football, and in the summer it was cricket. Now that I'm older, I play golf. I play golf every weekend, and in summer sometimes during the week. In Australia it is really cheap to play golf. So, it's about ten Australian dollars, so it's very popular. A lot of people play golf, cricket and football. I used to play tennis, but I don't anymore. I once took tennis lessons, but as I said I don't play tennis anymore.

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