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What is 100 dollars in Australia?
a) Ticket to vote
b) Fine for not voting
c) Right to vote
Where is voting "compulsory"?
a) Australia
b) The U.S.
c) Both
Where is voting "voluntary"?
a) Australia
b) The U.S.
c) Neither
What percentage of people vote in Australia?
a) 100%
b) 90%
c) 50%
Which system of voting does Aaron prefer?
a) Australia
b) The U.S.
c) Neither
Todd: Um, Aaron, it was interesting, you were saying that in Australia you have to vote?
Aaron: Yeah, voting is compulsory. If you don't vote, you will receive a letter, and a fine, it's about a 100 Australian dollars for not voting. If you're sick, and that's OK, you have to produce a doctor's certificate, but if you just don't vote, you have to pay a fine.
Todd: Wow, how much is the fine?
Aaron: It's about a 100 Australian dollars. (Wow) It's quite expensive, for not voting, but it it compulsory.
Todd: Man, that's insane. In the U.S. we don't have that. It's voluntary, but it's a big problem because only about half of the population votes.
Aaron: In Australia about 90% of adults vote. You have to be over the age of 18, and you have to register to vote, but it is compulsory to vote.
Todd: So, in the United States, it's voluntary. In Australia, it's compulsory. Which do you think is a better system?
Aaron: I think compulsory is the better system cause then more people get to make a decision and it's considered a major thing to take a vote rather than just deciding if you will or if you won't. It's better if everyone has a vote, I think.

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