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How long is the walk-about?
a) 12 days
b) 12 weeks
c) 12 months
How common is the walk-about now?
a) Very common
b) Common
c) Not common
Does he know anyone who has done it?
a) Yes, a few
b) Yes, one person
c) No, he doesn't
Perhaps when was it common ?
a) 50 years ago
b) 100 years ago
c) 200 years ago
Where are the mountains ?
a) The north
b) The west
c) The south
Todd: Aaron, sometimes I hear from Australians, the term, have a walk-about, or walk-about!
Aaron: A walk-about is an aboriginal word. It basically, means an aboriginal boy, when he is growing up goes for a long walk, maybe for twelve months, and he doesn't see his family and he has to live off the land. He can't, he doesn't have money so he can't buy food, he can't buy anything, and he just hunts for food. It's not so common now, and I've never had to do it, but it's more of an old story from the aborigines who tell you about a walk-about.
Todd: Do you know anybody who's ever done it?
Aaron: No, I've never know anybody to do it, but I don't know if it's a true story or, I don't think it's common now, but maybe in the old days, maybe a hundred years ago, it was common for them to do it, but now they don't.
Todd: So, there's lots of different aboriginal people in Australia. Where does, which aboriginal
tribe does this come from, or group?

Aaron: OK, I'm not sure what tribe it comes from but the aboriginals in the Northern Territories, which is all desert are probably the most famous for it, near Darwin and the top end we way, the north of Australia, where it's very mountainous, and you could walk for a year, and never find your way anywhere.

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