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Why is it easier for the other students?
a) They speak more languages
b) They have studied longer
c) They live with Japanese families
What does she not study but want to?
a) Conversation
b) Grammar
c) Kanji
How fast is the pace (speed) of her class?
a) Fast
b) Slow
c) Just right
Why does she have trouble using Japanese with her friends ?
a) They are very shy
b) She is very shy
c) They want to speak English
Does she think she will get better ?
a) Yes, she does
b) No, she does not
c) She does not say
So, Eli, how are your Japanese classes going?
They're going OK. Japanese is a very difficult language and I think as someone who has never
learned another language before I'm struggling more than other kids are. I feel that a lot of the
other, say European kids, that this is there third or fourth language, that they can speak
fluently, they pick it up very quickly, and for me it's slightly more difficult. As I say, our
school is quite advanced and it moves very, very quickly in conversation. We're not learning
any Kanji, which is kind of difficult cause that's one thing you really do need to learn if
you're living here, but the conversation moves very quickly and we learn a lot of new stuff,
so it's quite difficult to practice it all. I think that's the problem I'm finding, and a lot of
my friends say the same thing: they're learning it all but then they don't have time to practice.
It's actually crazy to think, you're in Japan but it's quite difficult to actually practice the
Japanese language. You see all my Japanese friends they want to practice English with me, so,
you actually end up being very lazy, and not talking that much Japanese, so I think that is the
problem, just you have to have conversation thru conversation all the time and I'm not really
doing that at the moment, so yeah, it's difficult. I think I'll get there. I'm just about starting to
understand stuff now.

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