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Which countries weather does she prefer?
a) England
b) Japan
c) Neither
How was the summer weather in England this year?
a) Hot
b) Rainy and wet
c) Perfect
Which city does she prefer ?
a) London
b) Bristol
c) Neither
What does she like about Bristol?
a) The architecture
b) It's very modern
c) Nothing at all
What are the downs?
a) A big shopping area
b) A big green area
c) A set of villages
So, Eli, can you talk a little about England and maybe about it's climate and it's weather,
it's leaders, what people eat?

Well, I'm not going to talk about leaders right now because that's a bit of a sore point but England
weather, hmm, that is a bit of a sore point to. It's not the greatest weather in the world, especially
compared to Japan where I am now, which the weather I just love. England is always cold, almost always
cold even through the summer it's quite cold I hear. This summer it's been sort of jacket weather all
summer with only a few days of sunshine and it rains a lot, so it's pretty miserable as far as weather's concerned.
Now, you're from Bristol right. (Yeah!) What's your hometown like?
Bristol's a great town. I used to live in London which is the capital of England and it's very gray and
big and unfriendly but when I moved to Bristol it was just great. It is a city but it's a very small city
so you can always bump into your friends, um, always meet people. It's got big green areas. It's got a place
called the downs which is a big park, and it's the architecture of the city is very old. It's very near Bath,
which is a very famous old Roman town, where the Roman baths were, so all the sort of architecture of the city
the houses, all of it's very pretty.
OK. What are the Downs like? You said the downs. Is that a park?
The downs. It's, it's a big area of green basically. It's not a park as in lots of trees and trees and sort
of shrubbery and stuff. It's just a big wide spread of greenery where you can play football. I mean there's
football matches sort of every week. You can go fly your kites. You can take your kids there. And that joins on to the
Avon-gorge, which is where the Bristol suspension bridge is, which is very famous as being I think the first ever
suspension bridge built. (Oh, really) and from standing on the bridge and looking out into the gorge, I mean
you'd think you're in the middle of the mountains, not in the middle of the city. It's a really pretty
Mm, sounds like a nice place.

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