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Which is bigger, Japan or Ecuador?
a) Japan is bigger
b) Ecuador is bigger
c) They are the same size
What does he talk about?
a) Mountains
b) Jungles
c) Both
When should you go to the Galapagos?
a) November
b) July
c) August
What can you swim with?
a) Dolphins
b) Sea turtles
c) Sea lions
What does Todd want to do?
a) Go trekking
b) Go sailing
c) Learn Spanish
Ecuador, what do you want to know about my country?
Well, can you talk about Ecuador like, um, you're from Ecuador?
Yes, yes!
How big is Ecuador?
80% of Japan.
Oh, really! 80% the size.
The size of Japan.
OK, what is the landscape like of the country?
Ecuador is a country where you can experience, they say, all seasons in one day. You have so many microclimates because you have the Andes ranges, you have the coast and then you have two ranges, mountains, it's got actually, it's called the avenue volcanoes. It's got key mountains. It's very beautiful. You have these subtropical valleys and then you have, you go to the amazon basin. You have the jungle. So you have the jungle from the coast, the jungle also going to the Amazon, and you have this beautiful area in the Andes, so it's very, very nice.
Oh, I want to go!
Please, please come!
OK, when is the best time of year to Ecuador?
Also, as I said the micro climate, that means that it depends on where you want to go. You want to go to the Galapagos the best time is from November to April probably.
I don't want to go there now because you scared me because you said about the people going there.
Yeah, yes! But it's a very beautiful place. I mean if you go just like tourist, you're going to, it's fantastic, it's a unique place. You can actually swim with the sea lions and they are chomping next to you, very beautiful. But I can not separate nature and from the people, so that is my problem. I think Ecuador is a very interesting place to be.
Well, I would like to go. I'd like to go Ecuador and learn Spanish actually.

Yeah, there are so many schools actually. There is a big business. Lots of music and culture. Mm, very pretty girls. (OK) That is the part that you like.

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