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When is Lucky's birthday?
a) January
b) April
c) November
How old is Lucky?
a) 1 years old
b) 2 years old
c) 3 years old
Where is the dog afraid to go?
a) The park
b) The river
c) Out of the yard
Where does the dog like to hide?
a) Under the futon
b) In a box
c) Under a table
How does Richard spend on dog food each month?
a) 5,000 Yen
b) 6,000 Yen
c) 7,000 Yen
OK, Richard!
Hi, Todd. Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Long time no see.
Yeah, it's been awhile.
It's been awhile.
Richard, you helped me out when I first started the website. (My pleasure) Yeah, you're very kind and you talked about your dog!
Lucky! (Yes) Here he is!
This is Lucky's picture.
Wow! That's big. So tell us about Lucky. How's lucky been the last two years?
Lucky, the last two year! Yeah! Lucky is almost two years old. His birthday is November the 11th! One-One-One-One, so he'll be 2 years old. He's doing well. He's developed some unique, sort of characteristics, personality traits, (Uh-huh) One is that late at night he doesn't like walking just with me, it has to be with me and my wife together. So he has two (No!) big bodyguards. It's true. It's an
unusual thing but he will not walk by the river where it's very dark with just one person. He needs two people to walk him. Which is unusual for a dog. He's a golden retriever so he's a big dog, but he's just, he needs two people. (Wow!) and he gets very lonely, you know he likes to follow people around the house the whole time, you know he's a really, he's a very sort of sociable dog.
What a lovely dog?
Yes, lovely dog!
I want to meet him!
Yeah, well, anytime!
So, I think you were saying something earlier about how he gets cold.
Yeah, that's the other thing. One of the other unique things about Lucky is that I think he's a but spoiled. I mean, you know, a lot of dogs live outdoors but this dog lives indoors, and you know the kotatsu, in the winter my obaachan, my wife's mother has the kotatsu.
Yeah, like the kotatsu is like a big blanket.
Ah, yeah, like a little low table.
Oh, the kotatsu, oh, yeah, yeah, sorry
An electric heater underneath it
Yeah, that's right, sorry!
And cat in Japan, cats are famous for going under the kotatsu in winter (Uh-huh) but my dog goes under the Kotatsu, so and he's quite big right, so you just see his legs poking out of the kotatsu. I mean that's a very unusual behavior for a golden retriever. Yeah, yeah, he's and unusual dog.
So how much does he eat?
I see, what about my son. I want to talk about my son.
Well, no but like, first I'm just curious, how much does you dog eat?
How much does he eat? Well, it's three times a day.
Yeah, I mean, how much does it cost?
Oh, the cost!
Yeah, to feed a dog in Japan!
Well, that's a good, that's a tough question. I buy a big bag of food. It costs me 18,000 yen and that lasts about three months, so about 6,000 yen.
Man, that is expensive! (Roughly!) So you're dog, that's at least 6,000 yen a month on food.
And then Vet's bills are pretty high.
Wow! But he's worth it! It seems like you love your dog.
I love my dog.
I carry his picture everywhere.
That's my favorite dog too! Golden Retrievers. They're so kind.
I also love my son! Can I talk about my son!
OK, we'll do you son in the next interview.

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