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What is Quito called?
a) Heaven on Earth
b) The face of God
c) The lost city
What city does he compare it to?
a) Tokyo
b) Osaka
c) Kobe
How many people live in Quito?
a) 1 million
b) 1.5 million
c) 2 million
What do you have to be careful of?
a) Safety
b) Costs
c) Pollution
What does Jose offer?
a) His house
b) Free lessons
c) To show pictures
Ah, Jose, what is Quito like?
Ah, Quito, we say Quito is like the face of God.
No kidding! The face of God?
Yes, yes, yes!
Because, you know,at least for us, it's such a beautiful downtown, very old, and actually, UNESCO also has Quito as one the sites like, treasure for the world, I don't know exactly the definition, like Kyoto. Quito is..
Oh, because it is so beautiful with the architecture.
Yes! Very, very beautiful.
How many people live there?

1.5 million people.
Oh, that's not too bad.
Not too bad. But of course you know, we have many problems social problems and yeah, you have many different points of view and if you come to Quito, we protect you. We have many friends. They can go with you everywhere, but you have to be careful.
Oh, it's a little violent?
Ah, it depends on the place. (Sure) Depends on the place. Depends on the area. Depends on the time.
I mean, well, the US is the same. We have cities in America where it is incredibly dangerous.
Yes, yes, yes. Of course, (So) yeah, but, usually I think Ecuadorian people are very kind, very nice, and you can, you'll have a great time. Just let me know and you can stay at my house
Ah, that's sweet!
No, really, really (Wow) You could. I have a house. My folks live there and I, I mean, 90% of the house is empty, so.
Well, I want to go.
Please, please come!

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