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Where did he get the sandwich?
a) He made it
b) He bought it
c) From a friend
What does he eat when he is at home?
a) Pasta
b) Pizza
c) Both
What can he make?
a) Gratin
b) Kabobs
c) Hash browns
How do you make it?
a) You bake it
b) You grill it
c) You fry it
What do you put in it?
a) Chicken
b) Beef
c) Bacon
Ah, Raphael, let's talk about dinner. (Yes) Did you have dinner tonight?
Yes, I did.
And what did you have?
I had sandwiches from the D-mart, and it's not really good.
Sandwiches from the D-mart! What kind of sandwich? (Sorry!) What kind of sandwich?
You know the usual ones you find in Japan like tomatoes and then tuna and some mayonnaise, yeah, basic triangle, you know (Yeah) bread sandwiches.
Yeah, not good stuff.
No, it's not really good.
Um, what do you normally have for dinner?
Well, the same kind of things. (Why?) The truth is, like almost everyday I eat outside cause it's quite easy to eat outside in Japan, yeah, but when I eat home like pasta or pizza.
Oh, OK. Oh, and what can you make? What type (myself) yeah?
French gratin. Gratin. (Oh, gratin.) Yeah!
What is that?
It's basically baked potatoes with milk, onions, bacon, and what else, butter, what, that's it. You can add several things. Cheese as well of course.
So how do you make it?
Well, you cut the potatoes in slices and you make like, you put, you need a big dish. Put the potatoes and a bit of bacon and a bit of onions and then you put cheese and potatoes again until you go to the top where you add the milk and you put some butter on top of it make it bake for 45 minutes and it's done
Sounds good!
It's easy. It's quite easy actually. I'm not a good cooker at all. I can smell it though. Yeah, I haven't had dinner so that sounds good.

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