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How does he get around Paris?
a) By train
b) By foot
c) By car
How many people live in Paris, suburbs included?
a) 6 million
b) 7 million
c) 8 million
Where is food more expensive?
a) Tokyo
b) Paris
c) They're equal
What is really cheap in Paris?
a) Food
b) Cinema
c) Rent
What sport did he play?
a) Football
b) Surfing
c) Aikido
OK, Raphael, you were saying you lived in Paris.
Yes, I made my studies there.
Paris is just an amazing city. Can you talk about Paris?
Yes! Well, the biggest difference I noticed with Tokyo is the size. Like Paris is nice in that way, you can go anywhere by walking. It might take at maximum an hour and a half if you want to go to a very far place, but basically it's a city like made for walkers and you can really go anywhere just by walking, I mean it's quite pleasant cause you can see many, you know, nice buildings and places and things, just by walking.
Wow, that's nice. How many people live in Paris?
Including the suburbs it's 8 million now. Maybe getting increasing, but the inner city is only one million, so it's not overcrowded at all. Yeah!
So, what else would you say is different about Tokyo and Paris?
Well, specially, Paris you mean? Well (How about..) The Transport is less expensive. This is important. (Yeah) Yeah, Yeah.
It's more expensive?
No, it's less, sorry, it's less expensive. Anyway, the, I was surprised because Tokyo is not that expensive finally, I mean you can, you can live in a very expensive way if you want but you can save a lot as well. It's really up to you. But in Paris is quite hard to save. I mean, the food is very expensive, and if you want to go out, just, a restaurant or anything, it's really more expensive than in Japan. A restaurant for example, like prices in Japan start from a thousand yen, maybe less, like 600 yen, and in France like the cheapest restaurant you can find is 15 Euro which is around 2000 Yen
Whoa, that is expensive.
Yeah, it's more expensive, wherever you go it's more expensive if you want to go out but on the contrary the cinema is really cheap, so so many people go to the cinema, I mean, the cinema is really, it's a part of Paris nightlife, like, people used to go to cinema once a week at least, almost everyone. Yeah, cause it's really cheap. A ticket is 1000 yen, maybe less.
Um, so, what about sports, like what kind of sports do you like to do?
Yeah, anything. Anything, yeah! You have a lot of facilities, like gymnasium, swimming pools, clubs, yeah, you can practice a lot. Especially, I was a student so, I had this very easy student life because France has a lot of students, whatever it is, so they give you a bit of money, and you get discount on almost anything, so sport is specially favorized in Paris when you are a student, you can
almost like do whatever you want, as a sport almost free, sometimes, so, it's, you can do a lot of things. Actually, I did Aikido. I did swimming pool, squash, tennis, yeah, uh, basketball, yeah, a lot of things actually. (Active guy)
And what about the traffic if you want to drive in Paris?
I never tested, because as I told you it's so nice to just walk, that, and I didn't own a car but it's quite tough for people living in the suburbs cause they need a car to come, the train system is not really good. It's not like, there's a lot of delay, trains and things like that, so if you live in the suburbs you need a car, and driving through Paris in the morning or evening is really difficult, so I just didn't want to test, you know.

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