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Where does he like to go besides exhibits?
a) Shopping
b) The cinema
c) The library
How was the weather last Sunday?
a) Perfect
b) Rainy
c) Windy
What time does he get up?
a) 6 o'clock
b) 8 o'clock
c) 10 o'clock
What does he normally eat?
a) Toast and cereal
b) Eggs and bacon
c) Fruit and coffee
How does he feel about cooking?
a) It's relaxing
b) It wastes time
c) It is difficult
OK, Raphael, I'm going to ask you about Sunday. (Yes) OK, what do you like to do on Sunday?
What do I like to do on Sunday? Well, I think it's changing every Sunday. I like to go see some exhibits, art exhibitions or things like that. I like to go to the cinema. I like to stay home when it's really rainy. (Like last weekend) Yeah, exactly. And sometimes I'm doing just nothing.
Mm, OK. What time do you usually get up on Sunday?
Well, quite late I guess, like 10 o'clock or 11. It's not really late but, late enough, and.
OK. I'm an early riser so. What do you normally eat for breakfast on Sunday morning?
I guess the same thing as everyday, like cereals and toast.
Ah, no difference.
No difference.
You never have brunch or anything?
No, because it takes a lot of time to cook and I like spending my time like doing or composing, so I don't, I mean, I care what I eat but I don't do a lot of time for preparing so I basically eat the same things every morning.

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