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What image do Americans have of Australia?
a) It is rugged
b) It is posh
c) Both
What can be "deadly" in Australia?
a) Snakes
b) Spiders
c) Both
What animal does he think is the least dangerous?
a) Spiders
b) Snakes
c) Crocodiles
What sometimes attacks people?
a) Snakes
b) Crocodiles
c) Sharks
What does he think is more dangerous than swimming?
a) Crossing the road
b) Driving a car
c) Flying in a plane
Todd: So, Aaron, in America we have this image of Australia being very rugged and all these dangerous animals. So is that true?

Aaron: It's not so true, but it's not so wrong. The three main animals that are dangerous in Australia, one is the crocodile, two are snakes, and three are spiders. We have some deadly spiders in Australia and some deadly snakes, but the crocodiles aren't as dangerous, as you think. (Really) Unless you go swimming in crocodile water, you never see them and they're only in small parts of the north. They're not in the cities and the same with the spiders and the snakes. You never seen one. I've never seen one, and I don't think I ever will unless I go looking for it. (Oh, that's interesting) If you see one, you shouldn't play with it. It's not toy.

Todd: Yeah! What about the sharks?

Aaron: Sharks! Again, I've never seen one, but they do attack people, and they are a little bit dangerous, but it's more dangerous to cross the road, than to go swimming.
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