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What was near his house?
a) Parks
b) A river
c) The beach
What did he play in summer?
a) Football
b) Cricket
c) Golf
Does it snow in Melbourne ?
a) Yes, all the time
b) Almost never
c) No, never
How tall is the tallest mountain in Australia?
a) 1,000 meters
b) 2,000 meters
c) 3,000 meters
What can you see on Philip Island?
a) Penguins
b) Crocodiles
c) Camels
Todd: So Aaron, Australia sounds like a really fun place to be. What was it like growing up in Australia?
Aaron: Growing up in Australia was very fun. There were lots of parks and gardens near my house, so we could always play sports, and luckily for me, my brother and I had a lot of friends in the street. There were a lot of kids our age, in our classes, so we could always get a good cricket game going, or a football game or anything, so it was always a lot of fun. There was never any trouble, and it's a safeplace to live.
Todd: Mm, so in the summer you played cricket right?
Aaron: Played cricket every summer, every day, until we were red from sunburn
Todd: OK, and in the winter what did you do?
Aaron: And in the winter we'd play football. If it was raining we'd play football. If it was sunny, we'd play football, but because it never snows, we could never go skiing.
Todd: Mm, it doesn't snow anywhere in Australia?
Aaron: It snow in Australia but only in small parts, in the mountains, and it's a about a four hour drive from my house to get to, but it once snowed in Melbourne, in the city, and we almost had a national holiday to celebrate.
Todd: I bet. Yeah, when people think of Australia they don't think of mountains. How high is the tallest mountain in Australia?

Aaron: The tallest mountain is about 3,000 meters high. It's mount Koziosko. It's in New South Wales. It's very tall but I'd say it's not as tall as Mount Fuji.
Todd: So do lots of people go hiking?
Aaron: Lots of people go hiking through places, on like Philip Island where there are penguins, lots of greenery , lots of mountain areas to go hiking, mountain climbing and bush walking, and there's a lot of outdoor activities in Australia, but the trees are very thick and it can be a little bit dangerous when people get lost so you have to be careful.
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