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What percentage of people live on the East Coast?
a) 50%
b) 70%
c) 90%
What percentage of Australia is desert?
a) 20%
b) 50%
c) 70%
Where are the forests?
a) The center
b) The west
c) The south
Where are the best beaches?
a) The Gold Coast
b) The south
c) Tasmania
Why are some beaches not safe to swim in ?
a) Sharks
b) Big waves
c) Pollution
Todd: Now, Aaron, Australia's a big place. Can you describe the Australian landscape?

Aaron: No worries. In Australia, there are cities and then there is country. Not many people live in the country, and the desert. About 70% of the population live on the East Coast on a very small area, and 80% maybe 70% of Australia is just desert. Nobody lives there, or it's just farms and nobody lives there as well. The cities aren't like Japan. They're very small cities, and there's a one high-rise area and then the rest of it is just flat.

Todd: How about the natural landscapes like deserts and rainforests, and things like that?

Aaron: No worries. The rainforests are in the south, mainly in Tasmania, and in the tropics to the north, but the desert is the center of Australia and the north of Australia as well and on the west coast. There's not much rainforest. There's a lot of desert. Not many rainforests and the rest is just built up area. Suburban areas.

Todd: Um, Australia is know for it's beaches. What area has the nicest beaches?

Aaron: The nicest beaches are probably in Queensland, or the Gold Coast. The West Coast has some great beaches as well, but there are now cities over there, so it's not so popular, but I think the best beaches are in Queensland, cause the pollution is so low. In the cities, in the south, the beaches are a bit dirty, so you can't always swim there.
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