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Why do they eat kangaroo and crocodile in Australia?
a) Because there are too many of them
b) Because it is an cultural tradition
c) Because it is really healthy
What do kangaroo and crocodile taste like?
a) Beef
b) Pork
c) Chicken
Where do people usually eat crocodile ?
a) At a restaurant
b) At home
c) At school
What do you need to catch kangaroo?
a) A big gun
b) A license
c) Strong legs
What does he prefer to eat?
a) Crocodile
b) Kangaroo
c) Neither
Todd: Now Aaron you're saying you eat crocodile and kangaroo.

Aaron: Yeah, in Australia the crocodile and the kangaroo are a pest. There are too many of them, so to keep the kangaroo and crocodile population down, we eat them. They taste a little bit like chicken, and they're a bit chewy but they're not bad. (Yeah) They're not available in every restaurant, and a lot of people don't eat them, but I've eaten kangaroo and it's pretty good.

Todd: How is it served? Like a hamburger? Like a steak?

Aaron: Sometimes you can get it in a hamburger, you can get it in like a kabob or Slovakia style, or sometimes you just have it with salad on a plate.

Todd: Man, that's interesting. Do you ever cook it at home?

Aaron: No, we never, you never cook it at home, and you need a special license to cook it, and to catch it, and to kill the kangaroo and crocodile, and only the government give out the licenses but you can buy them in restaurants, and you can buy kangaroo meat to cook at home.

Todd: Which do you prefer?

Aaron: I prefer kangaroo.

Todd: Uh-huh! It tastes like chicken.

Aaron: It tastes like chicken and it's very chewy, but its very good.
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