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How long has she been in Japan?
a) 3 months
b) 6 months
c) 9 months
What will she really miss?
a) The trains
b) Her job
c) The nightlife
What does she love to do?
a) Dancing
b) Karaoke
c) Meeting People
What is similar?
a) The restaurants
b) The pubs
c) The clubs
Where are the drinks cheaper?
a) London
b) Japan
c) They are the same
Hi, Doris. You look a little bit down. What's the matter?
Well, I'm leaving Japan and I'm going back to London, tomorrow.
Really! (Yeah) How do you feel about that?
Well, I do feel a bit down because I am going to miss Japan after being here for 9 months,
in Japan. I am going to miss it so much, cause I've had a great time here.

Mm, so what are you going to miss about Japan?
Oh, I am going to miss the people, the food, the night life. Especially the nightlife.
What especially about the night life are you going to miss?
Well, I really like dancing. And I enjoy going out to night clubs and to restaurants and
eating Japanese food also and I'm really going to miss that because it's very different to

How are the clubs different in Japan than in London?
Well, here there are many different clubs you can get into, for free, you don't have to pay, some of them.
In London it's really expensive for drinks and an entry fee.

Always (Yeah) Ah, that is different.
But they do have the same pubs, but if you wanted to go to a nightclub for example
it would cost quite a lot of money.

And how do the prices of food and drinks compare?
Ah, well, I'd say in Japan drinks are cheaper than in London.
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