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When is she leaving Japan?
a) Tonight
b) Tomorrow
c) Next week
How has the weather been in Japan?
a) Good
b) OK
c) Bad
What food does she miss?
a) Pizza
b) Crisps
c) Fish and Chips
What meal of the day does she miss most?
a) English breakfast
b) English lunch
c) English supper
Who is meeting her at the airport?
a) Her mother
b) Her father
c) Her sister
Fill in the missing words

Hey, Doris, you look a little down. What's the matter?
Well, I'm leaving Japan tomorrow and I'm going to fly back to London.
Mm, how do you feel about that?
Well, I'm feeling pretty sad because there are many things that I'm going to miss, having been here
for 9 months now, I'm really going to miss the friendly people, so far it's been good weather.
I'm going to miss Japanese restaurants and the great night life that I've had.

Hm, that is a lot of things to miss. Is there anything to look forward to at home?
Ah, yes. When I get home I'm definitely going to have some fish and chips.
Fish and chips. What else?
I'm going to have fish and chips. A great English breakfast, um, and tea. Fish and chips and tea. That's what I miss.
Mm, anything you miss that's not food?
My family! Oh! Yeah, I'm going to miss my friends and family. Definitely. I'm looking forward to seeing my mother
at the airport tomorrow.

Tomorrow she'll be there already.
That's right. So soon.

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