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Who did he meet?
a) The Queen
b) The Prince
c) The Duke
How many awards did he have to complete?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
What sport did he play to complete an award?
a) Football
b) Badminton
c) Tennis
What was the weather like the day he went?
a) Hot
b) Wet
c) Cold
What city did this take place in?
a) Liverpool
b) Manchester
c) London
Hey, Ian, have you ever met anyone famous?
Anyone famous? Ah, yes, I have. I met the Duke of Edinburgh.
Mm, who's that?
He is the Queen's husband and I met him at Buckingham Palace.
How did that happen?
Well, it was because I received an award.
What kind of an award?
The award was called the Duke of Edinburgh Award and I completed the bronze award, the silver
award, and the gold award, and if you complete all three, then you can go to Buckingham Palace
and he gives you your award.
The award is for what kind of job?
OK, well it's for young people between the ages of, I think it's 14 to 21, but I'm not quite sure,
and you have to do different challenges for each award. Now, for the gold award you had to do
community service, and I visited an old man. I had to do a sport and I played badminton. You had to
do an expedition, and we went hiking in the Breton Beacons in Wales for five days and you had to do a
skill and I did driving and you had to do each one for a year.
So what was it like getting the award?
Um, it was exciting and disappointing at the same time because my friends and I, we were waiting at
Buckingham Palace for quite a long time and we had all our best clothes on: our ties, our shirts, our
trousers. We had very clean shoes. It was quite hot and we were waiting and we were waiting and in came
the Duke of Edinburgh. and he gave us our award. He asked us maybe one question each and then he went, so
we only actually met him for about five minutes.
So it wasn't the most exciting time, meeting him a famous person.
No, he was a very busy man, but you know, I shook his hand, and that was it, but it was nice to see
Buckingham Palace and it was a good day out in London.
Sounds like it.
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