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Where did he hurt on his 13th birthday?
a) Appendix
b) Throat
c) Lung
When did his lung first collapse?
a) 13th birthday
b) 18th birthday
c) 20 birthday
Where was he the first time his lung collapsed?
a) Ireland
b) Scotland
c) Wales
What did the doctors do the second time?
a) Remove a lung
b) Replace the lung
c) Stitch up the lung
Who in his family has the same problem?
a) Father
b) Uncle
c) Both
Hey, Ian, tell me about the time you were at the hospital.
What, the first time I went to the hospital?
Yes, the first time.
The first time I went to hospital was when I was 13 years old and it was the day of my birthday
and I had a pain in my right side and I'd been sick the day before and so on my birthday
my mom phoned the hospital and the doctor decided I should go to hospital and I had my appendix out
OW! That sounds painful!
Mm, but there's more! On my 18th birthday, I had like a lump in my throat, and I couldn't breathe
properly and again my mother phoned the doctors and I went to the hospital again and my right lung
had collapsed
Oh, my goodness!
I know. I spent about 8 days in hospital and it was is Wales. I always remember being in Wales because
I had problems understanding the doctor's accent, and then, are you ready, there's more (tell me)
again when I was 20 years old I was at university in Leeds, and again I had a lump in my throat
and I had problems breathing. I went to the hospital and the same thing again. My right lung had
collapsed (Collapsed!) Yes, but this time, because we were in a big city, they had more sophisticated
medical equipment and they put a syringe, made a very small hole in my chest and put the syringe into
my lung and drained away the excess air and my lung was inflated again.
Did it hurt?
Not as much as the first time. And I only spent a day in hospital and then they sent me home, but there's
more. A week later I had the same problem, a lump in my throat, and I had problems breathing and so I went
to the hospital again and my right lung had collapsed again, for the third time, so this time the
doctors decided they had to do a bigger operation to make sure that this wouldn't happen again so I was
at hospital for two weeks and they cut away the top part of my lung, and stitched me back up and now my lungs
are absolutely fine. I've had no problems since and I'm doing lots of running and I feel much better,
but I don't want to have the same thing again. Ever!
I hope you don't either. That's amazing!
I know. The thing is, my uncle and my father had the same problems so it's probably in my genes, in my families
genes, that we have this. It's a common family problem, but anyway, now I am OK.
Wow! That's good!
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