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Note: This is a great story but the audio is not
so good. It may be best to read and listen at
the same time. Sorry!



Listen and then CLICK on the picture
to get the answer to the question!

What did he see first?
a) The pig
b) The snake
c) The elephant
What did he see second?
a) The pig
b) The snake
c) The elephant
What did he see third?
a) The pig
b) The snake
c) The elephant
What upset the elephant ?
a) A loud noise
b) The camera flash
c) The pig
What did the elephants do?
a) Kick him
b) Run a way
c) Nothing
So, Rob, tell me why you don't like elephants!
Why don't I like elephants? It's a long story. I was traveling in India with a friend of
mine and one night we decided to spent the night in a national park, looking at wildlife,
and we were staying in a small hut, and to get to the hut we had to walk across a swamp,
and we had to take a boat, then we had to walk across another swamp, and after walking for
about half an hour we reached the hut, all upon big lakes about 20 meters up in the air,
and I climbed the steps and when I got to the top of the steps, on the other side of the hut
there was a huge snake, about 3 or 4 meters long, a cobra. (Wow) I hate snakes. I absolutely
hate snakes. So I ran down the steps and said to my friend, "I am not staying here. I can not
sleep in this place" And we thought about what to do, and there was a village maybe two
kilometers away, so my friend walked to the village to find out whether someone could come
and scare away the snake and she came back and said, the people said there is no way, we can
not scare the snake off. Do you think we're crazy? We are not fighting the snake, but you can
stay in our huts. You can stay in the village, so we started walking back to the village,
and this was about half past six, seven o'clock in the evening and the sun was going down
and as we were walking through the jungle we heard all sorts of noises from other parts of
the forest and there was lots of rustling noises, and oh look, there must be some other animals,
wow, cool, some animals and then after a little while a big pig appeared in the middle of the path
(Wow) and we thought, "Oh, it's a pig" Pigs are not very exciting but it seemed exciting at
the time and then the pig went walking off in the opposite directions and after about 2 minutes
the same pig "bang" came running back in front us. We didn't know what had happened, but we could still
hear the noises coming slowly, and slowly towards us, and after a little while the noises started
getting louder and louder and louder and then we stopped and at the side of the path in front of us
we saw a trunk appear, just one trunk appear, only the trunk, off to the side of the path, and then
another trunk, and then another trunk, so there were three trunks and I was like "Wow, elephants,
great" and then one of the elephants came out onto the path and looked right at us and then we were
not so happy, but we thought we're unyielding, we're tourist, so we took photos of the elephants but
unfortunately my camera flashed and the elephant was very unhappy, "RRRR" but he did nothing.
He just stood, but we knew he was angry so we ran and hid behind a tree and after about ten minutes
we thought, OK, the elephants will have gone so we started walking down the path again, and all the
bushes and the grass was above our heads and then we suddenly came to an area where the grass was
only two or three feet high, so we could see big area again and we looked over to our left and there
were three elephants staring right at us, waiting for us, maybe about 30 meters away, and unfortunately
at school in England they don't tell you what to do if you see an elephant, so we didn't know, should
we walk past, should we run, should we make lots of noise, so we decided to walk, do nothing, don't
do anything suddenly, just walk, and we walked about two or three steps and there was this sudden
"RRRRRRRRRRR" Boom, boom, boom, boom.
Oh, my god!
In one second we looked at each other, "Run" I was carrying a rucksack, so I was running very slowly.
My friend ran very fast. I was running with the rucksack and then I dropped the rucksack and I jumped
into a bush. Unfortunately it was a thorn bush, so I cut myself lots (Oh, know) and three elephants
decided I looked, maybe they thought I looked more delicious than my friend, so they came after me and
the three elephants came charging over on top of me and I was underneath one of the elephants and it
kicked me on the left leg and then I just, and then went past making lots of noise trying to scare us off
Were you OK?
I was OK that night but my leg was completely black the next day cause I had a huge bruise from where the
elephant had kicked me and I have lots of cuts and bruises from the bushes and they broke my rucksack which
I was very unhappy about and then we continued walking to the village which was only about 50 meters away
and there was a large group of other tourists watching the elephants playing in the lane, and "How wonderful!
Are they sweet? Aren't they lovely?" No!
Sounds very frightening!
I don't like elephants!
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