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What is her dog's name?
a) Hairy
b) Blonde
c) Cruiser
How old is her dog?
a) He's still a puppy
b) He is four year old
c) He is eleven years old
Where did she get him?
a) From a friend
b) The Humane Society
c) A pet shop
What color was her cat?
a) White
b) Yellow
c) Black
What is one of her earliest memories?
a) Getting the cat
b) Chasing the cat
c) Feeding the cat
Put the sentence together
So, Gloria , have you ever had any pets?
Yes, I have. In fact, I still have one in America right now.
You do? (Mm-hm) Yeah, what?
Ah, he's a dog named Cruiser. (Cruiser) Cruiser.
OK, what's Cruiser like?
Cruiser has blond hair like me, but he has dark brown eyes, and he still thinks he's a puppy
but he's 11 years old and he, I think, is absolutely the best dog in the world.

Wow, what kind of dog is he?
He is a Griffon. We got him at the humane society, so he had a little note with him saying he's a
Griffon, which I really don't know a lot about. It's like a miniature wolf hound.

OK. Cute dog? (Very cute) Have you ever had a cat?
Yes, my first pet was a cat.
Uh-huh. What was your first cat's name?
Ah, my first cat's name was Sally.
Sally (Yeah) What kind of cat?
Just a yellow cat.
Just a yellow cat. I think some of my earliest memories were with Sally chasing her around the house,
and they're not really related to anything, just running around the house chasing the cat.

Ah, that's cute.
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