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to get the answer to the question!

Where is she going after Thailand?
a) Japan
b) America
c) England
Who is she going to Thailand with?
a) A friend
b) Her sister
c) No one
What place does she plan to visit?
a) The ruins of Ayuttaya
b) The Emerald Palace
c) The bridge over the river kwai
What will she learn in Thailand?
a) Thai cooking
b) Scuba diving
c) Thai massage
What does she like to buy at flea markets?
a) Old photos
b) Used kimono
c) Antique watches
Put the sentence together
Gloria, what are your plans for the summer?
I'm going to Thailand for two weeks and then I'm going to England for three weeks and then
back to the US.

OK , wait, Thailand, you're going to Thailand? (Yes) OK, what are the plans for Thailand?
I'm going with a friend of mine, Adrienne and we're going to go to the Bridge over the
River Kwai and then we're going to go to the beaches and I hope to take a scuba diving

OK, so you've never been Scuba diving before.
No, I've only been snorkeling
Oh, actually, you know what, I got trained in scuba diving in Thailand in Ko Tao.
Ah, that's where I'm going.
Really! (Yeah) Oh, it's really good. It's pretty cheap too.
Yeah, yeah, I got the brochures from that.
Oh, great. So who is this Adrienne person?
She's another teacher, that for two semesters we lived, one semester next door, and another semester
she lived upstairs from me and we've just become really, really good friends and then this semester
even thought we're not living near each other, somehow we still remained being friends and we love
to go to flea markets and buy cheap kimono
(cheap kimonos?) Yeah, we'll spend 500 or 1,000 yen
maximum and find used antique flea market kimono.

Cool, how many have you bought so far?
Dozens, probably
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