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Where is it humid in Texas?
a) The North
b) The West
c) The East
What part of Texas has the best sunsets?
a) The North
b) The East
c) The West
How does she describe Texans?
a) Proud
b) Friendly
c) Both
What kind of food do they like in Texas?
a) Spanish
b) Tex-mex
c) Mexican
What did cowboys wrap inside their tortillas?
a) Rice
b) Beans
c) Meat
Fill in the missing words

Ah, so Gloria, where are you from?
I'm from Texas. (Texas) Yes!
Wow! What's Texas like?
Texas is like a whole another country. It's bigger than Japan, and it has many, many different
climates. It can, where I'm from, West Texas, it's very dry. It's a desert area, and then you have
East Texas which is very humid, and then North Texas which gets very cold in the winter time.
OK, what's your favorite part of Texas?
My favorite part is probably West Texas. It's very dry and in the summertime, although the
temperature is really, really hot, the evenings are nice and cool, outside, and it's so flat,
that you can actually see the horizon. It has some of the best sunsets in the world.
OK. Do you think that people from Texas, Texans as they are called, are diffent than other people
from around the states?

Ah, yes! I think Texans are very, very proud of being Texans. Ah, there's a saying in Texas that
anyone can become and American but you have to be born to be a Texan.
OK, so you're a born Texan?
9th generation.
OK, um, alright, so it there a certain personality characterstic that Texans have?
Proud Texan. I think, uh, I think Texans are very, very friendly. It's supposed to be one of the
friendliest, considered to be one of the friendliest states in the nation. I think if anyone
comes to Texas as a foreigner, people will always ask, "Where are you from?" and just welcome you
out. It's really, really, a wonderful place to go.
OK, cool, and what kind of food is popular in Texas.
Tex-Mex (Tex-Mex) Yes!
OK. What's an example of Tex-Mex?

Ah, chimichaunga actually came from Texas, burritos. Burritos were invented by the old, by the cowboys
when they were on the trails, ah, they needed quick fast food, so the people from Mexico came up with
tortillas and wrapping meat inside, and wrapped them up and sold them to the cowboys.
Oh, really, OK, cool.

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