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How long was he in India?
a) 4 months
b) 5 months
c) 6 months
What did he feel in India?
a) Happiness
b) Sadness
c) Both
What is hard to find in India?
a) Forks
b) Toilet paper
c) Hand soap
What religion does he talk about?
a) Hindu
b) Buddhism
c) Christianity
How does he describe the religion and ceremonies?
a) Confusing
b) Colorful
c) Serious
My name is Jeff Eagar. I'm from Canada but I just spent six months in India and I love
India. I think India is my favorite country in the whole world. India is very interesting.
It's real life. It's the good and the bad, and the rich and the poor, and the happy and
the struggling, all together in one country, and when you go to India, you feel a lot of
emotion, you feel a lot of sadness and happiness and joy and that's why India is my
favorite country.
India is a very interesting culture, and it's a very old culture. It takes a little bit of
time for you to get used to India when you go there. They go things differently from other
countries. I was eating with my hands in India. You eat with your hand and your left hand
acts as toilet paper, because they don't have toilet paper in India, and they are mostly Hindu
and they believe in the Hindi, Hindu religion, and it's a very old religion. A very beautiful religion,
they have many gods and many deities, and it's very colorful and they do lots, lots of religions
ceremonies with fire and with bells, and with holy priests, and it's very visually, for your
eyes, it's an interesting place, a very interesting thing to see
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