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Listen and then CLICK on the picture
to get the answer to the question!

Who did he take the journey with?
a) His brothers
b) His sisters
c) His friends
What is on a rickshaw?
a) Doors
b) Trunk
c) Steering wheel
Where did the journey start?
a) Nepal
b) Burma
c) Bangladesh
What was his dream?
a) Travel across India
b) Buy a rickshaw
c) Make a movie
Where can you see his movie?
a) You can't
b) On his web page
c) At the cinema
My brothers and I just did a really fun and difficult journey across India in a rickshaw.
It's, a rickshaw is a three-wheeled, a little three-wheeled vehicle. It's a cross between
a car and a motorcycle. It has no doors and it has no trunk to put luggage in, and it has
a little, it has a little steering bar like a motorcycle and it doesn't go very fast, and
we drove this all the way across the country from Bangladesh to Pakistan, and it was a crazy
journey, it was crazy, very dangerous and full of surprises and very hard of your body and your
mind and I did this, with my two brothers in a rickshaw.
My brothers and I filmed the entire journey in the rickshaw with a professional video camera.
One of my dreams in life is to make a documentary for TV and we decided to make a documentary
of our trip across India and it was very difficult. We thought it would be easy, but when we
started to do this it was very, very tough. They make it look easy on television and when you have
the camera and you're trying to video people it's very difficult. They don't do what you want to
do and the weather doesn't cooperate with you, and maybe the camera breaks down and you're tired
and you can't get the video shots that you want and it becomes like a game, or struggle, trying to
get the best shots, trying to get the most interesting shots, and it is like a game, a fun,
and frustrating game, but by the end of the trip, we managed to get all of the video, and we
put together a very interesting three minute video, and a couple of Indian video producers helped
us put this together, and you can see the short video on the web site www.eagarbros.com, and I think
you'll like it. It's full of surprises and full of funny and strange sites and full of action, so,
it's pretty good. I think you'll like it.
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