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What religion are most people in Canada?
a) Christian
b) Buddhist
c) Hindi
What philosophy does Jeff like about Buddhism ?
a) Leading a simple life
b) Doing lots of charity
c) Not eating meat
What is karma?
a) A schedule
b) A cycle
c) A rule
How does he describe Canada?
a) Pretty
b) Popular
c) Peaceful
What does he dislike?
a) Protesters
b) Fighting
c) Waste
My name is Jeff Eagar and I'm 32 years old and I'm from Canada and most people in Canada
are Christians, they're Catholics or Protestants and my parents are Catholic but I've
done a lot of traveling in my life and now I'm interested in the Buddhist religion,
Buddhism. It's a very peaceful religion and it has some philosophies that I believe in,
for example, it talks about detachment. You should not get attached to money, or you shouldn't
get attached to fancy cars and fancy clothes. You should try to simplify your life and have
as little as possible. Be comfortable but don't have too much. Don't have, don't be excessive
with what you have, and I believe in this philosophy.

The Buddhist religion also has a philosophy of karma, of the cycle of good behavior, brings you
good behavior in return and if you act bad, bad things will happen to you, and I think this is
kind of true because if you do good things for people, most of the time good things happen to
you. People treat you well. If you treat people poorly, and badly, people will treat you badly,
so believe in this Buddhist philosophy of Karma and good things will happen to you if you do good
things for others.

Canada is a very peaceful country, and I'm a peaceful guy. I don't believe in fighting and I don't
believe in war, and my neighbor, across the border, the United States of America is at the moment
at war with Iraq and for me this is a very senseless or sort of silly thing to be doing. I think it
wastes money and it wastes lives and I think there should always be sort of, some sort of peaceful
way to end an argument so I believe in peace and I don't think war should be, I think
war is a waste of time, and a waste of people and a waste of lives.
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