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What does he like to do on boxing day?
a) Watch football
b) Drink beer
c) Both
Who does he spend time with ?
a) His family
b) His friends
c) His girlfriend
What time does he get up ?
a) 7 o'clock
b) 9 o'clock
c) 11 o'clock
Where does he go before the game?
a) Church
b) The pub
c) His friend's house
What do people do at the game ?
a) Sing songs
b) Dress up
c) Sleep
So Mark, what happens on boxing day?
On boxing day in England it's usually football day. Everybody goes and watches the football.
Usually all the family go, so maybe granddad and grandma will go. In England on Boxing day, it's
usually the highest attendances of the year. (Oh really) Yeah, so we wake up on boxing day
around about 11 o'clock, usually with a big hangover because we've been drinking of Christmas
day, and so to get rid of the hangover, what do we do, we actually drink more alcohol, so we
usually go to the bar around 11, drink a lot of beer, and then go the football around about
2 and watch the game.
What's it like at the stadium?
Usually a really good atmosphere on boxing day, because, yeah and there are really big crowds
and everybody is really happy cause it's Christmas so usually there's some guys dressed as
Santa Clause or people are wearing like Christmas decorations and it's a really good atmosphere.
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