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What is his town famous for?
a) Riots
b) Curry
c) Both
What kind of people live there?
a) University students
b) Working class
c) Upper class
What did he like to do as a kid?
a) Play inside
b) Play outside
c) Study at school
How would he cause mischief?
a) Paint graffiti
b) Steal things
c) Throw eggs
How would he stop kids from causing mischief?
a) Call the police
b) Call the parents
c) Get a big dog
So, where did you grow up in England?
So, I grew up in a place called Bradford (Yeah) Actually Bradford is famous in England
for two things. One, it's famous for curry. Indian curry because in Bradford we have a
lot of Indian and muslim people, but also it's famous for riots because Bradford had
major riots in England, it's had maybe the two worst riots in England for the past 10
years and that's due to racism basically.
Really (Yeah) Oh, no! Is it a rough area?
Yeah, it's very working class. Yeah, not so much money in Bradford, pretty poor.
What was it like growing up there, like, what did you do as a kid?
What did I do as a kid? It was, it was tough, I lived on a government, well we call it
councilor estate, maybe in America it's called maybe government assisted housing, so my area
was pretty tough, but always there were lots of kids around so we were always playing
football, cricket, or riding bikes or sometimes causing mischief.
How would you cause mischief?
It depends, maybe sometimes there's an old guy who nobody likes who lives near us so we go
and throw maybe eggs at his windows and as we grew older we started throwing rocks at his
windows, yeah.
What would you do if you had a house now and some kid threw eggs at your house?
If some kid threw eggs at my house I'd probably buy a big dog and set the dog off the lead
and the dog can chase the kids away.
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