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What is the nicest season in Montreal?

a) Summer
c) Fall
What is her second language?
a) English
b) French
c) Japanese
What do you need to learn another language?
a) Lots of money
b) Great teachers
c) Good attitude
Did she go to French high school?
a) Yes, that is where she learned French
b) For one year she did
c) No, she went to English High School
Who helped her a lot?
a) Her neighbor, Jacques Chirac
b) Her teachers
c) Her friends

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Todd: Hello, Ann! How are you doing?

Ann: I'm fine.

Todd: Ann, could you introduce yourself and tell people where you are from?

Ann: Yeah, my name's Ann Hutchingson and I'm from Montreal, Canada. And right now I'm an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan.

Todd: Mm. OK. What's Montreal like?

Ann: Montreal is a really nice city. It's just very cold in the wintertime. It is..uh, it has four seasons, and the nicest season is the summertime because it's really warm and people play a lot of sports, and there are some parks
in Montreal, and you can go swimming and hiking and biking and rollerblading. It's a very interesing city.

Todd: Wow! Were you born in Montreal?

Ann: I was born in Montreal and I can speak two languages. English is my first language but I also studied French in high school.

Todd: So, were you in a submersion program, or all your subjects in French.

Ann: No, I went to an English high school but a lot of people in Montreal are in immersion programs.

Todd: OK. Since you learned French, what do you think is the best way to learn language?

Ann: I think that you have to like learning another language and if you have a possitive attitude then you can find learning another language fun rather than stressful so I think that I had a few French friends and we would practice and they would be very patient and I liked the fact that I could communicate using another language cause then you have another identity.

Todd: You have your French identity?

Ann: I do.

Todd: OK. So what's your name in French?

Ann: "Mono e Ann"

Todd: Wow! I need to get myself a French name?

Ann: Todd.

Todd: OK. Thanks a lot Ann.

Ann: You're welcome. Nice speaking with you.

Question and Response

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Q2: What...?

Q3: Can...?

Q4: Do....?

Q5: What....?