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How long has she been in Japan?

a) Three weeks
b)Three months
c) Three years
When is she going home?
a) Two days
b) Two weeks
c) Two months
Is she excited to go home?
a) Yes, very
b) A little
c) Not really
What is the weather like now in Japan?
a) Very cold
b) Wet
c) Windy
How hot will it be in Sydney?
a) 26 degrees
b) 27 degrees
c) 28 degrees


Gabrielle: Hi, Annili! How are you today?

Anili: Oh, I'm fine.

Gabrielle: Good! Hey, I love your scarf!

Anili: Oh, my scarf!

Gabrielle: Yeah, where did you get it?

Anili: Oh, I bought this scarf in Sydney.

Gabrielle: Oh, OK. So, Sidney is your hometown?

Anili: Yeah, That's right.

Gabrielle: Oh, and how long have you been in Japan?

Anili: Oh, I've only been in Japan for three months.

Gabrielle: Oh, OK. So, when are you going home?

Anili: I'm going home in two weeks actually.

Gabrielle: Are you excited?

Anili: Very!

Gabrielle: Yeah! And have you enjoyed your time in Japan?

Anili: Yes, I really, I really have enjoyed being in Japan but I'm also looking forward to going home.

Gabrielle: Sure, Sure. So it will be a little warmer!

Anili: That's right, it'll be summer and at the moment it is very cold here in Japan.

Gabrielle: So, how hot does it get in Sydney during the summer?

Anili: Oh, not too hot! I'd say average temperature is around 26 degrees.

Gabrielle: Sounds nice

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