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Listen and then click the mouse (cursor) over
the photo(s) to see the answer to the question.


Where does she live?

a) On the beach
b) Near the beach
c) Far from the beach
Does she surf?
a) No
b) Yes
c) She used to
What kind of place is her town?
a) Very big
b) Very expensive
c) Very small
How far is it from London?
a) 17 miles
b) 77 miles
c) 70 miles
Why does she go to London by train?
a) It's faster than by car
b) She can't drive a car yet
c) There's nowhere to park
Fill in the missing words

OK. Hello! Can I have your name please?

Cat! Uh, is that short for something?
Short for Kathryn.

Kathryn. OK, Kathryn. What's your full name?
Kathryn Lovelock.

Oh, nice name. Nice!
Glad you think so.

And where are you from?
Ah, from England.

OK. Where in England?
Ah, in the Southeast. A small town just by the seaside.

Nice. So you live by the beach?
Yes, about ten minutes from the beach.

Wow, do you surf?
It's not the kind of place you can surf. The waves are
too small and the sea is too cold

OK. What kind of place is your town?
What kind of place?

It's..it's..well very very small. It's normally really busy in the summer.
There's not very much to do there, but when the sun is shining you can go
to the beach. It's really good.

Yeah, sounds like a great place. How far is it from London?
Ah, about 70 miles, so that's about two hours by train.

From Central London.

So when you go to London you go by train?
Normally yes because you can't drive, there's nowhere to park.

OK. Great. Thanks.
Question and Response

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